Advisory and Support Services in Aboriginal Taxation


The First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Economic Development Commission (FNQLEDC), and the First Nations of Quebec Business Network (FNQBN) will be offering as of this coming June 2014, advisory and support services in Aboriginal taxation.  It is a personalized front-line service that meets the needs of target clienteles in tax matters.

These services will be provided through a technical advisor in Aboriginal taxation.

Services Offered

Several services are offered, including:

It’s important to note that the FNQLEDC will respond to the requests within the limits of its capacity, and reserves the right to refuse the files if the complexity of the case or the workload so requires.

Operation of the Service

The persons, businesses, band councils, etc. wishing to file a request must first communicate with Mr. Pierre Bastien, Director General of the FNQLEDC. Thereafter, upon examining the nature of the file in question, it will be determined if the case requires the intervention of the Advisor in Aboriginal taxation.  Should this not be the case, the response will be provided by Mr. Bastien or by a member of the FNQLEDC team. When a file is assessed as being more complex, it will be transferred to the technical advisor in Aboriginal taxation as soon as an administrative file is generated. Once the case file has been transferred, the clients will be able to connect with the advisor.

Offer to the FNQBN members

The members of the FNQBN can enjoy a 50 % discount on the opening of a file.

The monitoring costs will be borne by the FNQLEDC.

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